Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Apple Picking and Doughnuts!

Today, I was invited to my friends official Fall party get-together. Me and Ed missed out on the morning Pumpkin Pancake breakfast but we tagged along to go apple-picking at Outhouse Orchards! Of course I did not pick any apples because I still have so many apples left from last weekend!

The drive up to North Salem was quite nice. The leaves are finally turning colors. However, it was like so warm today which threw me off!

Before getting to Outhouse Orchard, I requested a quick pit stop at Salinger's Orchard. This is because I heard from a little birdie that their apple cider doughnuts are the shizzzzzzzzzz....

And how were they?

1. Piping hot!!! So fresh! The doughnut machines were pumpin' those babies out!

2. Perfect. They were so light and fluffy... the doughnuts at the Orchards of Concklin were much more dense compared to these!

After our incredible doughnut stop, we were stuck in massive traffic to get to Outhouse Orchard but we got there!

It was PACKED! I dunno if it was a special Fall Festival day but they had goats, games, and food stands!

Here are some fun pics of the crew:

Ed's almost 6 feet!

I am disgruntled by the fact that I barely reached the 5 foot mark!

Eric's shirt matches the pumpkins!

Me and my girlie Double D!

Having issues posing for the pic...

No, Steven! It's not gonna taste like Pumpkin Cheesecake!

The apple trees! I must say, the apples weren't great, the trees were very disorganized, and there were too many people! For serious apple picking, go to Orchards of Concklin!

All in all, today was a wonderful day filled with Smiles, Sugar, and Sunshine!

Salingers Orchard
230 Guinea Road
Brewster, NY 10509
Phone: 845-277-3521

Outhouse Orchards
130 Hardscrabble Road
North Salem, NY 10560
Phone: 914-277-3188

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