Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy 4 Years To Me (Part 2)

The celebration continued into today! Today was incredible... My boyfriend is so incredible <3

He planned a Scavenger Hunt for me! What a clever, clever man!
I will summarize all the stops in pictures. Basically he gave me clues at different special, meaningful locations in Westchester... So I drove around aimlessly, only with the help of these random clues and I had SO MUCH FUN! I was smiling the whole time!

1. Start at Home (Scarsdale, NY)

2. Lulu's (Scarsdale, NY)

3. Piper's Kilt (Eastchester, NY)

4. Slave to the Grind (Bronxville, NY)

5. Ed's Parent's House (Yonkers, NY)

6. Asbury Methodist Church (Tuckahoe, NY)

7. My Mom's House (Hartsdale, NY)

8. 7-11

Final Destination: BACK HOME?!
I found myself back at home with a ginormous card with 4 pigs on it. At the end of the card, it said to go to "the place where you lay your head to rest"... my bed!


A BRAND-SPANKIN-NEW Snowboard! I suffered last year because I rented from the now out-of-business Princeton Ski Shop. But the best part was the new stuffed animal pig that Ed got me in Baltimore, with my Burton beanie!

Of course when I saw this, I started crying. Just from all the joy and excitement... I was so overwhelmed! I love Ed!!!!

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