Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lulu's = Childhood Memories

Hostess, Entenmann's, Drakes... better yet, Yodels, Devil Dogs, Twinkies, Sno-Balls...

It totally just reminds me of when I was like 7. I remember LOVING Yodels, and all those other prepackaged, single-serving, cake snacks! Unfortunately, eating them now, I wonder how I even liked any of them. They seem almost inedible now. (I can proudly say that I've never tried those nasty, hot-pink, "Sno-Balls" though, yuck!)

And then today, I stopped in at Lulu's to find a whole collection of these retro desserts! I present to you a new and improved line of our childhood favorites!

1. Devil Dog

Speechless. One of my all-time favorite at Lulu's! They only make them on the weekends though!

2. Twinkie

And the inside... the cream!

This was my first time seeing these here. Simple and delicious.

3. Sno-Ball

Heavenly... and the inside? Devlish!

This was a chocolate cake, with (I think) their marshmallow frosting covered in coconut flakes... So much prettier than the hot pink ball of mess. And probably tastes 9482094820 times better!

I didn't buy this one today, but this is a FAVORITE of mine from Lulu's...

4. Yodel!


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All Adither said...

Holy, freaking Gosh those look good. Esp. the Twinkie!

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