Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weight Watchers Asian Style

So... the love of my life is now a proud, successful, card-carrying member of the infamous Weight Watchers program!

This week, he weighed in 7.8 POUNDS less than last week!!

For me when he started 2 Wednesdays ago, my biggest concern was him eating boring, flavorless, frozen meals. And for him, he could care less. In fact, he told me that he likes them! But of course, I saw him starting the Weight Watchers program as a way for me to do some new recipe searches for fun, Weight Watchers point specific meals!

Friday, was my first attempt at my own spin on Weight Watchers approved food... of course you're allowed to eat whatever you want, but in moderate portions. So my first meal for him was Udon Noodles with Corn and Poached Egg

Yes, it looks quite boring but my man is simple.

For me, I had some Kimchi Soup (that my Mom made for me!) with Shirataki Noodles and Pork Meatballs

Of course, my noodle dish was way more jazzed up! Lots of veggies and a super spicy soup!

Then for breakfast this morning, I made something using simple ingredients that I had lying around! Potatoes and Quinoa for a Quinoa and Potato Hash Brown!

Shredded potatoes, cooked quinoa, salt and pepper... Place a patty in a hot frying pan, and crisp on both sides. Can it get any easier? I didn't try it, but my man's response was, "It's delicious! The Quinoa adds a nice crunchy texture!"

I looked up some other Weight Watchers recipes, and for next week, I'm either going to make Slow Cooker Teriyaki Wings or Buffalo Chicken Strips! FYI- LaaLoosh has a bunch of yummy looking Weight Watcher point specific recipes!

Good luck babe! I know you can do it! iLOVEu!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Good job to you boy! I'm wondering how many Weight Watchers points in those udon noodle soups? Thanks!