Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roughin' It With Rugelach

Thursday was rough. My oven broke. I was devastated :-(

But the fact that my oven broke wasn't really what pissed me off. It was that I had these gorgeous looking, unbaked rugelach set up on a baking sheet, refrigerated for 1 hour, ready to be baked! I had my oven "pre-heated" at 350 degrees. And when the hour of chilling the dough was over and I was super excited to pop them in the oven, I open the oven to discover that it... wasn't hot! WTF!?

Angry, anxious (I promised the little children I work with some cookies!), and hopeless, I decided I needed to take a little walk. So I went to Borders Bookstore to enjoy my favorite Iced Coffee and go on with my day.

That night, after dinner, I decided I needed to keep my promise of bringing them cookies and put on my thinking cap. And then it came to me... TOASTER OVEN!

My day can turn around at any moment... Even if it's 1 hour before I go to bed!

Raspberry-Peach Champagne Jam, Peacans, White Chocolate


Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Hazelnuts, Chocolate Chips


Peanut Butter, Raspberry-Peach Champagne Jam, Chocolate, Pecans


Top it off with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

The Lifesaver

It looked OK coming out of the oven...

And the taste?

Very impressed! The dough was nice and flakey! My favorite filling was definitely the Hazelnut and Chocolate Chips :-) My first attempt at making Rugelach was a success... even without a real oven, so HA!

By the way, I found this recipe for what are apparently called Rugelach Pinwheels on Smitten Kitchen... they were supposed to be cut much thinner... But being used to the ginormous Rugelach at Lulu's, I wanted mine big too!

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