Thursday, July 2, 2009

Banana Hazelnut Crumb Cake

I've discovered this year that banana+hazelnut are an amazing combo! I mean, it's not really extraordinary and unique, but I just had never really thought of this combo as I would peanut butter+chocolate. I think it was experiencing Momofuku Milk Bar's Banana Cake.

So when I was browsing Tastespotting and came across this Banana and Hazelnut Coffee Cake on Technicolor Kitchen, I was sold.

The Star Ingredient- HAZELNUTS! (Yes, they were chopped up on my pig cutting board! Eco-friendly, pig cutting board!)

Crumb Topping- A simple flour, brown sugar, butter, salt, and hazelnut mixture.

The ultra-ripe BANANAS layered on top of the cake batter. Then top the bananas with the crumb mixture and bake!

BAM! The texture of the cake was awesome, super moist but still had a soft bounciness like a sponge cake! And I think it's relatively healthy because it uses plain yogurt and only like 6-ish tablespoons of butter (the recipe was in metric nonsense so I had to convert it!)... I wish I put more bananas on because I loved the moist, ooey-gooey layer that it created :-(

FYI- This cake is more like an afternoon snack cake. It's light, not too sweet, and not decadent. Perfect for me because I had it for my afternoon snack. BUT, if I were to make it into a more indulgent dessert type cake, I would probably add some chocolate or nutella! And... more bananas! I love bananas!

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