Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day with the Family!

Merry Christmas!!
Today was the family Christmas celebration! It started off with my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend coming over to my apartment to open each other's gifts!

Then off to my mom's for a delicious Japanese Christmas late lunch/dinner!

My brother has been saying how he wanted to eat Nabe (a hot pot of vegetables and meat and whatever else you wanna put in there), and I've been craving her sweet stewed kabocha and okara (it's the crap that you're left over with when you turn soybean into like soy milk... it's incredibly healthy)!

So the menu was just that!

Here's my mom preparing the big communal dinner! The apron was her X-Mas gift from Amanda and Kyuta!

Okara cooked with konnyaku, ginnan beans, carrots, lotus root in a sweet stock. (This is my favorite side dish to just a plain bowl of rice!--- Comfort food to the max!)

Kabocha... she now knows to add this to every meal she makes when I'm coming!

Serving #1 of the Hot Pot: Monkfish, Mizuna leaves, and Mushrooms in a Ponzu dipping sauce

Serving #2 included a huge, juicy Oyster and Chicken, Pork, and Shrimp Ginger Meatball!

OMG... I've said this before, but my mom's meatballs are SOOOO good! And this time, she added shrimp so it was just an orgasmic experience for me haha!

After a full belly, we played a few rounds of our favorite card game, 7 Bridge... And then once semi-digested, dessert was served...

Shiratama (made with like kusamochi? I think that's why it's green instead of the customary white) with Adzuki, PIneapple, Kinako, and Kuromistu!!!!!

And I was so full that I was ready to just go to sleep :-)

Merry Christmas, y'all!
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