Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve- The Presents!

This was the first year since living on my own that I put up a Christmas tree in my apartment! It's only because I had someone special (Ed, FYI) to enjoy it with!

This is my favorite ornament:

I am absolutely obsessed with cute little pigs!

So, I won't post every gift, but Ed got me a carton of Newport cigarettes, 2 rolls of Quarters (for laundry!), 2 cases of Bottled Water, an 18-month subscription for Us Weekly, gift certificates to Trader Joe's and Blockbuster, a mini Claw Machine, a gift certificate for 2 Rebounding classes and 2 Mat classes at my Pilates place, and tickets to see my favorite all time band, No Doubt!

If you don't already know, the backseat of my car is filled 90% with stuffed animals that I've won on claw machines. Seriously, I'm really good.

This is my "I'm-A-Hardcore-Pilates" lady pose Hahaha! (with the gift certificate in my mouth)

This is my super excited, I-already-know-what-it-is face!

And on a more random note, I'm just really bizarre and bought myself a gift and pretended it was from santa:

Now for Ed, I got him a few random things! A bottle of Pocari Sweat (a Japanese drink that he fell in love with in Japan), Curl (Japanese version of puffy Cheese Doodles), Monopoly Scratch-Off Lottery ticket, subscription for Men's Health, Malcolm in the Middle (the First Season), and a radio/alarm clock/IPod speakers (for the new IPod touch that I got him for his Birthday!)

Here is my favorite picture!

I had to draw a fake "Men's Health" magazine because the subscription hasn't started yet!

And the Monopoly scratch off lottery ticket was not a winner... but what are you gonna do, right?!

And he gets crunk on Pocari!

Oh, and last but not least, of course my cat gets a present!

A pretty little purpley mouse!

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