Monday, December 8, 2008

Tricky Squash!

I've been tricked!

So... basically, I need to have roasted Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) squash with every meal that I eat at home. It's like a craving that I've had since maybe September?? I make sure to have a Kabocha to roast so I don't run out. Apparently, I wasn't prepared today. I didn't have any! And to make it even worse, I didn't have time today to go to Daido (the best, freshest, biggest Japanese supermarket in Westchester!) in White plains to pick it up, and Fuji-Mart (Kind of like a smaller version of Daido) is closed on Mondays!! I refuse to get my Kabocha from Nijiya Market in Hartsdale, because their Kabocha is dry and not as sweet (maybe because it's organic??)...
This is what my beloved Kabocha looks like...

Anyways, after my second to last commitment of the day, I finally decided I really didn't have time to rush to Daido so I just stopped in at Stop & Shop just to pick up some bananas and salad. And then, just out of curiosity to see whether the American markets had discovered the remarkableness of Kabocha, I took a peek at the squash section.... and BAM!
I saw this!

It looks too much like Kabocha!!! And I looked for a sticker to see what the name was... "Buttercup Squash" Hmmmmm.... maybe that was the English name for Kabocha!! So I inspected the size, weight, color, and texture of this so-called "buttercup squash" and decided it was a Kabocha! I mean it was identical!

Fast-forward a few hours to dinner time. I was excited to try my roasted "Buttercup Squash"... As I put it in my mouth, I immediately knew this was NOT Kabocha. And I knew exactly what it was... it wasn't smooth like kabocha, it was more dry and gave my mouth that "eating peanut butter" dry feeling. It was nice and creamy unlike the more fibrous Butternut Squash, but maybe a little too dry. Kabocha has that perfect creamy/moist-ness that I love! Also, it wasn't nearly as sweet as Kabocha! I love roasting pumpkins with garlic, salt, and pepper because it's such a nice contrast to the sweetness... unfortunately, this roasted Buttercup Squash tasted just like a not-so-sweet Sweet Potato fry.

I probably sound so crazy talking about all this squash, but I miss my Kabocha :-(

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